IP 7830

This is how thrilling kitchens can be now! We call this front finish "groove structure". Behind this is the "pinstripe" for the kitchen, an elegant, sleek design that is impressive in every colour and leaves a very special, lasting impression.

Seasoned with good ideas

A large wall cabinet with an extra helping of storage space? A space at the counter? A cooker that is accessible from several sides for cooking together? It's worth making a note of your own ideas before you start planning. Then you can be sure of having exactly what you want later on, and every moment will be a sheer delight.


Door: CK321 | black and CK311 | white
Carcase: 517 | white
Worktop: 619 | white



396 | substrate with groove structure

Available front colours

CK311 | white

Worktops finishes 40 mm

677 | sea maple-effect

Worktops finishes 25 mm

111 | light oak e­ect