Each door, drawer or deep drawer in a kitchen is opened and closed time after time, every single day, thousands of times a year and not uncommonly for several decades. Reason enough for us, where the technical hardware is concerned, to rely exclusively on quality, tested, made in Germany brands. Quality that you can rely on: day after day, year after year.

Quality and environmental protection. Certified by TÜV Rhineland.
Management System | ISO 9001:2008
ISO 14001:2004 | www.tuv.com | ID 9108614589


Safety tested and ensured.
A matter of course to assure the safety of our customers.



Maximum convenience

The integrated self-closing mechanism lets deep drawers close automatically and noiselessly.

Standard equipment

This self-closing branded clip hinge with an opening angle of 110 degrees can not only be fitted and set without tools, but also adjusted in three dimensions.

Integrated Hinged-door Soft Closing

CLIP top BLUMOTION concentrates innovative technology, international award winning design and motion convenience in the smallest of spaces. Because the BLUMOTION cushioning mechanism is integrated in the hinge cup. Thanks to the integrated BLUMOTION, doors always close gently and quietly.


This self-closing branded clip hinge stands out through its additional soft-close element.

Close with a whisper

Additional cushioning elements on the doors ensure peace and quiet.