The name Kesseböhmer is synonymous with innovative solutions that unify design, function and quality - and has been so for generations. Even now, Kesseböhmer is an owner-managed company. The core expertise lies in metalworking: wire, flat band, pipes and their subsequent finishing in their own electroplating and powder coating facilities.


Invisible and space-saving
Hidden away behind a drawer front, the pull-out table "Top Flex" slides into action whenever required. The first section glides out smoothly and can be used as a storage surface. Fully pulled out, the two board halves with the sunken front panel and the flush guide rails form a generous additional working area. A space gain that will provide pleasure every day.

Baking tray holder

A cabinet interior for fans of good baking: there is plenty of space for bulky baking trays and racks on the three levels of Kesseböhmer's chrome-plated baking tray holder.


With "TANDEM Solo" by Kesseböhmer, the whole interior automatically moves forward out of the carcase when the cupboard door is opened. The anti-tilt shelves provide direct access to the contents, and offer a clear view of the various levels and their contents. Kesseböhmer fulfils customers' desires for maximum silence when working in the kitchen with a special new noise buffering system.


Everything within easy reach
The "iMove“ shelf unit delights with its approachable nature. The shelves with the stored goods on them are simply pulled out of the carcase with a single, light movement and lowered in the direction of the worktop. The two top levels stop safely within easy reach of the user. Tip: The base of the unit is available for storing heavy items such as porcelain.

Baguette cabinet

The cabinet interior for connoisseurs: bread stays fresh for longer in the special breathable bread bag. A wire basket and bottle holder accommodate items that do not need to be chilled. Making full use of every square centimetre.