Cleverly designed utility room

In the past, the plans for a new house often included a laundry room or cellar. However, for cost reasons, many home builders today decide against a complete basement under the house, opting instead for an additional room for the large and small tasks that occur in the household. Whichever room it is, every utensil needs the right place. With our cabinet systems, the utility room is furnished practically and efficiently. A well-considered concept is a tremendous help when planning an interior. Cleaning, polishing, doing the laundry, ironing, provisions - everything needs a permanent place and should always be within easy reach. It is also important to make sure that the available space is used as well as possible.

Efficiency as a concept

Practicality and user convenience are the key to managing the home and getting the housework done. A cleverly planned utility room gives you a place where everything is designed in just the way you want it to be so as to maximise efficiency.. It provides a home for those household helpers you often need but don‘t want in view at all time.

Imaginatively furnished

The ergonomics should never be underestimated in a laundry room. Our modular units ensure the washing machine and dryer are at the right height in order to ensure an ergonomic posture. Thanks to the useful storage surface for baskets, the laundry can be loaded into the machine with no need for bending or stretching. Everything is thought of when it comes to getting the laundry done: the matching tall unit can be used to sort dirty washing and keep it ready for the washing machine in laundry baskets.


Door: 954 | space grey
Carcase: 900 | space grey
Worktop: 119 | Black Halifax oak effect