Impressions and Impulses

Trends and topics shift; the desire for change remains. Today, more than ever, home living and furnishing is an expression of our attitude to life. Unmistakeable furnishing concepts that are made to measure and focus on the zeitgeist and personal wishes inspire with their individuality and character.

Our mood boards reflect the current trends in cooking, living and home furnishing. As the name suggests, a mood board conveys the atmosphere of a design, the colour world and the material themes of a design and style statement. All designers appreciate this medium, which visualises an intuitive overall impression. And it‘s not about a later 1:1 implementation of this impression, but rather about the creative realisation of an idea.

Our mood boards can be meaningfully integrated in the planning of a kitchen or interior. They underline a pronounced sense of style and trends, and serve as a practical guide. Whether purist or exuberant, glamorous or natural-looking – mood boards are a source of inspiration and driving force all in one. We wish you every success with your plans!