Lighting systems

Light as an element of life provides pleasure and energy. And it plays a central role in the kitchen. Spotlights illuminate the areas of activity just as we require. At the same time, light enhances displays of pretty objects on shelves and in display cabinets. Light bands make stand-alone furniture the impressive focal point..

We bring light to the right spot. For example, below the wall unit. Here, light LED surfaces ensure a sufficiently bright illumination of the work surfaces - you will love it!

Narrow LED light bands create emotive lighting scenarios and make wall units appear to float against the wall in the evenings. At the same time, they ensure sufficient lighting.

Light in the unit? Naturally, the interior ceilings of our units can also be illuminated upon request. And, of course, you can switch each lamp on and off individually.

With energy-saving LED lighting behind the adjustable glass shelves, glass door units can be illuminated wonderfully with indirect light. Play around with the lighting elements and illuminate your kitchen with complete individuality.

Lighting on the spot. Our retailer is also able to provide you with personal advice on the lighting and illumination of your new Impuls kitchen. The possibilities are endless.