Storage solutions

When good looks combine with inner values, the result is often love at first sight. Made-to-measure storage space is a delight when planning a kitchen. Thanks to flexible organisation systems. You can never have enough storage space ... a large choice of unit types ensures an individual design right down to the very last corner. And best of all, there is no need to stand on tiptoe or bend over here - because everything is within easy reach. True comfort is seen in the storage space. Only if everything is in easy reach and every utensil has a home will order become quality of life you can see and feel.

Drawers and deep drawers

The interior of drawers and deep drawers can be equipped exactly to meet your personal tastes, right down to the very last detail – and stored goods can be positioned safely with practical anti-slip mats.

Pull-out unit for bottles and spices, which offers easy access to its storage space from both sides. Organisation really is everything, especially under the sink. With two pull-out options, it’s easy to access cleaning products, brushes and so on, ideally in the pull-out with a recess for the trap or, as a lower-priced alternative, in the shorter pull-out, which still offers plenty of storage space.

Interior equipment

Equipment elements such as rotatable shelves that make fully use of every square centimetre of the corner unit, and 03 shelves that present their accommodating side when the unit opens. True comfort is seen in the storage space. Only if everything is in easy reach and every utensil has a home will order become quality of life you can see and feel. This is achieved with the help of innovative storage options such as a dresser unit with roller blinds and pull-out shelf, or our compact unit. Both prove that functionality and aesthetics are a perfect combination.

Function & order

Shelf pull-down iMove

So very clever! The convenient iMove shelf pull-down system combines the appealing with the practical.






Wall unit with draining rack

Both outside and in – impressive in every last detail. Besides the many technical functions and practical organisation systems, design doesn‘t go short either. Whether the wall unit with draining rack or the versatile organisation systems – every single feature helps to take the effort outof everyday kitchen routine and impresses with practical versatility.








Pull-out larder units

The pull-out larder units emerge from the cabinet almost soundlessly. They provide everything you could wish for when planning a kitchen: plenty of storage space, convenient us from both sides and extensive orderliness and clarity.

Attractive and practical: the microwave disappears behind the lift-up door if desired. A large number of appliances can be concealed behind a front in this way. They remain, however, ready for use with just a touch of the hand.

Our convenient pull-outs present their contents in an accommodating way: everything from baking paper to heavy pots are concealed here. Digging around in cupboards is definitely a thing of the past!

Our drawer inserts not only look classy, they also ensure a clear overview and tidiness. This ensures that there is a permanent place for everything.

Wide opening pull-outs that can support high loads are a part of every modern kitchen. After just a few days you will not be able to do without the easy loading and unloading.